Charity of the Year

Our Charity of the Year partnership application process has changed for 2014. Santander UK plc has created a long-list of national charities that meet our criteria and we will write to the charities directly in April 2013 to invite them to submit an application.

Our criteria remains the same as in previous years:

  • Large national UK charity supporting families
  • Must have presence in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales
  • Ideally with a regional focus in some or all of our key head office locations; Belfast, Bradford, Camden, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Teesside
  • Must provide a dedicated account manager
  • Must provide one specific project that we can entirely fund with our target fundraising
  • Previous Charity of the Year partners will not be able to apply for five years after the completion of their partnership
  • To ensure that we are supporting a range of types of causes, cancer charities will only be eligible for selection in alternating years.

Shortlisted charities were invited to apply on 12 April 2013, with the application window closing on 31 May 2013.